Acceptance: Exposed


Found out today that two of my pieces were accepted in a juried show back in my old stomping grounds, Norfolk, Virginia. I'm really excited about being a part of this for other reasons as well... I enjoyed writing a statement that explored my work in relation to the theme:

The chosen theme is "EXPOSED," meant to explore our common sense of exposure, insecurity, and feelings of vulnerability, stemming from stresses financially, physically, relationally, or spiritually.

And the exhibit is at The Mayer Fine Art Gallery, which is representing some awesome work, with several artists being DC-based. Work was chosen by a selection committee from the show's sponsor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, then Lenny Campello will serve as juror for prizes. I've learned so much about the DC art scene (and more) from following his blog. Oh, and there was no fee to enter and no commission on sales. How cool is that?

When I fix my virus-infected computer, I'll share the statements for the pieces selected. Here's what got in:

Self-Portrait with Bird Mask
Acrylic on Paper
17 x 22 inches

Landscape with Poppies
The Russian Soldier's Story

Acrylic on Acrylic Sheet, Bolts
30 x 36 inches

Landscape with Poppies
The Russian Soldier's Story


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