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Contact Information

Lori Anne Boocks
Home: 301.528.1699
Cell: 240.672.8344

Represented by Studio Gallery
2108 R Street N.W. Washington, DC 20008

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday and Thursday, 1 - 7pm
Friday, 1 - 8pm
Saturday, 1 - 6pm


I am now painting again after quite a few years. During this hiatus, I wrote fiction and poetry, and this recent involvement with text is often incorporated into my new work where, instead of telling a story with paint, I use an abstracted or non-objective painting as a backdrop for a tale, or a snippet of one. Sometimes the stories I share are my own and real, some are made up, and others were told to me. Through these pieces, I hope to capture small slices of time, tiny memories, like journal entries exposed in large format with color and movement.

The mostly illegible script I use is not meant to confuse viewers, but to objectify the text. By using acrylic paint on acrylic sheets, which provide a smooth ground, I make all texture for each piece come from my brushwork or hands. Influences include Cy Twombly, Anselm Kiefer and Chinese calligraphy, and I look forward to further exploring the meshing of image with the written word.

April 29, 2009