Taking Stock: How was your 2011... and how will your 2012 be?


Ah, December. A time for reflection in between holiday preparations and carting the kid to events.

Did I try something new in my practice?
2012 was the year of finding my voice, trying linen (and I'm now addicted), and drilling holes in paintings and shoving a rope through the openings. I still need to regularly set aside time to paint, but I got better at dedicating time to be in the studio.

Did I try for different venues or shake up my proposals? 

Yes, and I'm happy to report that spring 2013 will be mighty busy! A few of my crazier proposals got rejected, which of course makes me that much more determined to get something going with those thoughts.

What am I planning to do differently when promoting my work in 2012?
Blog more often, not necessarily for the public, but for myself. Writing about my own work validates it on a different level and makes me think about process and intentions even more. I need to get out to others' openings more. I hope to print a small catalog of my work and send it out. 

Have I sent New Year greetings to all my collectors yet? 
Not all, but they'll be out the door soon.

Are you ready for a fresh year of making new art, getting organized, and promoting your work?