Artomatic @ Frederick Top Ten (Part Two)


Sorry to be so slow in getting the rest of faves list together, but it's been a hectic month. My first four are here, and these six round out the list:

Kristin Partridge - Gorgeous photographic prints on vellum. I think she made quite a few top ten lists.

Claire of Synesthia Art - Things referencing synesthia are of particular interest to me because of a current series of paintings I'm working on. Her photos have a lyrical quality that I enjoy. Striking color. Wish I had her eye.

Jennifer Bernhard Hatfield -Delightful, whimsical sculpture. There was work at Artomatic that isn't on her website, which is under construction.

And now for a two-fer: Jeff Bohlander and Kristin Bohlander. Great to see another artist couple! Stephen and I saw an exhibit of Kristin's at Delaplaine a while back, and I loved her organic fiber forms. I was particularly struck by the miniature ones--a catalog of curiosities to ponder. Jeff's elegant collages include painted elements. Jeff's website is under construction, but I hope it goes live soon.

And the last star of Artomatic @ Frederick? I hope this isn't goofy, but it's.... the city of Frederick, which continues to wow me with it's support of the arts community. Of course, this includes the people behind Artomatic like Steven Dobbin and Jennifer Finley, plus all the volunteers who showed for their shifts.

Today is the last day to see this well organized, fun event. This year was too busy with the day job for me to participate, but I hope to be a part of it next go-round!

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