Artomatic @ Frederick Top Ten (Part One)


A lot of quality work here, folks, so please go see this event before it ends November 6th. If you're looking to expand your collection, or are a beginning collector, there is ample opportunity to buy solid work at reasonable prices.

Caveat: A few artists I wanted to list here didn't have a take-away (business card, info sheet, postcard, etc.). And I didn't have a pen. That's why I'm splitting the list.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, my first four:

Rhonda J. Smith - Technical finesse and gorgeous surfaces in her reuse of scarred-up plexi she prints on using intaglio monotype. See a piece here.  

Roberta Staat - Lovely, languid use of line in her images of cows and sheep. Large or small, every piece had presence. I want to see her work spread out in a white cube space. I don't think her drawings in the show are on her website, but you can get a feel for the quality of her draftsmanship here.

Shamus Ian Fatzinger - I don't see the work on exhibit on his website but I loved his photos of people in Africa mounted on time-worn wood. In some pieces, he painted around the photo to continue the image.

Andrea McCluskey - Projected video on newspaper strips. Great use of her space.

Including my husband Stephen on here would be a conflict of interest, but check him out in space 34A. He writes about each piece included and using projection in painting here.

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