The Distance Between: July 2 - August 21 at Delaplaine


Opening Reception: Saturday, July 2, 3 - 5 pm
Show Dates: July 2 - August 21, 2011 

This is a long time coming, over five years evolving in my head.  I'm looking forward to installing it the last week of June. 

For people who see the world in black and white, in absolutes, the distance between is irrelevant. You either are or you aren’t. You either do or do not. A white lie is just as bad as life in prison. They can’t appreciate the gradual descent, the slow, silent slide into a different state of being.

For those of us who can see the grays, the distance between is viewed as a continuum where one can shift left or right, up or down. We may not realize our movement along the line, between the planes, until we reach a different spot.

These works in acrylic and charcoal on wood panels represent my personal distances between two or more concepts fixed in time. Using rope to tether paintings closely together or to force a large space between other pairings creates a concrete, physical measurement of the emotional distances between each word in my life and invites viewers to consider where these intersections occur in their own. Read the press release

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