New Painting: Vermilion Summer (Dreaming of Hangzhou)


Cold winters make me want to paint about spring and summer. I just sent out my bimonthly e-newsletter with the back story for this new piece. I invite you to sign up to get these little histories delivered straight to your inbox every other month or so. Here's Vermilion Summer and why I painted it...

Two decades ago I had the good fortune to visit southeastern China for three weeks. Wang Zhongwei, a painter from Zhejiang province, became a great friend of mine in the early 90s when he was an exchange professor at Old Dominion University. He convinced me to see for myself the place that inspired the calligraphy he'd taught me. It was a magical time filled with bright scarlet silks in outdoor market stalls, the earthy-metallic smell of cinnabar chop ink, and dazzling Yueju opera costumes worn by a female-only cast.

The new painting above is a tribute to that unforgettable trip. It’s 48 x 48 inches and my usual acrylic and charcoal on canvas. Stay warm and safe out there!

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