Chesapeake Love Poem


Working in a variety of sizes these days, and some of these pieces are small and quiet, with rusted wire sewn through the canvas.

Chesapeake Love Song

Chesapeake Love Poem is open to a few interpretations, maybe love for the bay itself or for the environment in general. Or maybe love for a person connected with that area: a summer romance or a bond that's stood the test of decades. The thin wires sewn at slightly different angles horizontally echo waves of water. They also help mask the words and stand for self-imposed edits or private thoughts.
Swarm (Dreaming of Bees)
Swarm uses honey-like colors and pays homage to honeycomb-building bees and mysterious math they use in construction and flight that we still not fully understand. It also hints about strategies and tactical calculations we humans make, particularly as we consider Syria.

Six Ways to Sunday
Six Ways to Sunday is about childhood memories as a girl growing up in a Southern Virginia rural culture and the different connections I have to that world.

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