Tamar Assaf at Living Gallery


Israeli-born artist Tamar Assaf is participating in the Living Gallery Residency at Annmarie Arts Center in Solomons, Maryland through January 29. She's the kind of person whose passion for making art and life itself comes through in conversation. I believe she'll be working on her abstract bird sculptures during her week as shown in the video below. If you have a chance, stop by and see her. I was hoping to myself, but my mom's having surgery this week and I'm heading down to Virginia. Jacqui Crocetta of Rockville will be participating in there as well February 6-12.

Now living in California, Tamar has a degree in Natural Sciences and her sensitivity to animal forms shines through in her work. I'm a fan of crows. They're smart and have the potential to understand play, maybe even sled. Where I'm heading this week, to my grandparent's farmland, they fill trees by the hundreds, give free rowdy symphonies of caws, and rise up to cover the clouds, little ebony dots stringing out over fields stripped of winter wheat to disappear into the horizon's treeline.

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