More on Cy, and Process


"It's more like I'm having an experience than making a picture." - Cy Twombly

Stephen and I often talk about how the paining process is so different for each of us. He's more detached and analytical in his approach. My work is capturing past and present and sometimes future and I'm in the moment, hashing out emotions as they course through me. I'm reacting to a fresh mark on the fly even though I have a solid idea of what I want the final look and feel of the piece to be. And there's a tension between planning and this final knowing of a painting in my head and how I get there. Will I veer off-course? If so, will it be a happy accident or will I have a dud on my hands?

The New York Times has a nice, quickie slideshow overview of his life and work. I heartily recommend the book Cy Twombly: Cycles and Seasons, although it's currently out of print and the price has been jacked up considerably.

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