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I'm working on pieces for my summer solo at Delaplaine in which I'll be documenting the distance between two opposing concepts. These personal continuums, fixed in time, explore the gradual shift between things like desire and regret, or will and fate, and invite viewers to consider where these intersections occur in their own lives. 

For people who see the world in black and white, in absolutes, the distance between is irrelevant. You either are or you aren’t. You either do or do not. A white lie is just as bad as life in prison. They can’t appreciate the gradual descent, the slow, silent slide into a different state of being.  For those of us who can see the grays, the distance between is viewed as a continuum where one can shift left or right, up or down. We may not realize our movement along the line, between the planes, until we reach a different spot. And once there and cognizant of our new location along this continuum, we face the distance between quiet acceptance and self-loathing.

Apart from one large piece, The Distance Between Sorrow and Song, this installation will consist of paired paintings connected by rope. Also new is painting on wood panels. My favorite, acrylics and charcoal, will still be used, and there will be drilling to insert the rope after the painting is done. Eek...

Another cool thing on the horizon is that I'll have the opportunity to immerse myself in painting for an extended period of time -- haven't done that since college -- at a week-long residency at Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center this spring.

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