Gallery Space of My Dreams


I'm here in Chicago for work, so not much time for sight-seeing, but man did I visit the most amazing set of galleries last night: River East Art Center. (Okay, visit wasn't quite the right word. They were closed and prepping for a big event, but deliveries were coming and going, so I snuck in for quick stroll...)

I was drooling like a fiend: Strong work, exposed brick walls, what looked like reclaimed timber, glass walls.

The neighborhood has arrived. The stage is now set for River East Art Center, MCL’s daring vision of River East’s artistic, cultural hub.

The Mission of River East Art Center can best be expressed by the Mandala, the universal, ancient diagram River East Art Center has adopted as its logo. The Mandala is symbolic of individuals coming together to create something larger then themselves, while maintaining personal uniqueness.

We consider River East Art Center to be Chicago’s embodiment of Mandala – a place of enrichment, expression and inspiration... a place to discover fine art, and the finer things in life... a place of community, ideas, poetry, performances, lavish galas and corporate affairs. Moreover, it is a place of surpassing beauty – breathtaking spaces, dazzling views, daring architecture. In the coming years, River East Art Center will give rise to stunning works of importance – masterpieces to be discovered and cherished by local residents.

As a neighborhood resource, it will bring sophisticated Chicago residents and artists together, and forward, into a new age of growth, expression and appreciation of life, for each individual, and for the community as a whole.

Incredibly cool. Planning to visit Chicago? Put this place on your to-see list!

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