Pay It Forward Opps


Here are 2 opportunities to donate work, give back to the community, and get some exposure.

DC SCORES Inspired Art Gala May 19 at the Corcoran Gallery of Art:

DC SCORES students devote countless hours to expressing themselves through creative writing. To commemorate their hard work and thoughtful pieces of prose, Inspired Art will feature pieces of art inspired by their youthful musings.

Artists of every medium are invited to take an original poem from a DC SCORES student and create a piece of art inspired by their words and poetic imagery. While the vision of Inspired Art is to bring each student’s creative expression to life through the artistic lens of a professional artist, we also welcome donations of existing pieces of art that can be paired with our students’ poems.

All art submissions will be entered into the silent auction at Inspired Art, with 100% of the proceeds going to support the 700 DC youth whom DC SCORES engages annually. Artists will also have the opportunity to attend the Inspired Art Gala, with access to a special artist reception for networking and socializing with other local artists.

Please contact Beth Morrison at or 202.393.6999 x312 for more info on getting involved, or visit the event website.

The Art Connection in the Capital Region is Seeking Artwork
The Art Connection in the Capital Region (ACCR) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization originated in 2004 to expand community access to art in the greater metropolitan area of Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Modeled after The Art Connection in Boston, which was founded by painter and sculptor Fay Chandler in 1995, ACCR facilitates the placement of original works of art donated by artists and art collectors within not-for-profit social service organizations to encourage healing and provide inspiration.

Organizations benefiting from this unique partnership often serve individuals faced with the most vulnerable circumstances and include: shelters, children's centers, and treatment facilities, amongst others.

The criterion for placement stipulates that a partnering organization must reside within the Capital Region and have no funding for art. Artwork that is donated to the not-for-profit is considered a permanent donation, cannot be sold, and must be exhibited in a secure public area where clients served by the organization have direct access to it.

To learn more about The Art Connection, the communities it empowers, and the art donation process, please visit or call 202-536-2607.

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