I'm Up!

In more than one way... My Artomatic wall is done (except for title cards) - yay! Ran into some technical/mechanical glitches but I'll be a smarter cookie next year about these things. Kiddo Foto's wall is finished too. Stephen is almost done and will brave the freight elevator tomorrow or Monday. We got there a little before noon with no real wait, which kinda makes ya wonder about all the untouched walls I saw when I got to our floor. How are these people going to get done?

Also up because I keep listening to that peppy tune "Daylight" by Matt and Kim. Makes me want to smile and dance all day :) It's a free download here, at least for the time being. Have a listen. Dance around. Then go make some art...

Pretend Death #17 (Snakebite)


  1. I saw your work at the show Sunday and was very impressed. I "try again" to paint every other year or so. Your work left me inspired. I too am a poet and love to incorporate text into acrylic works. Hope you take it as a compliment if I try my hand on acrylic sheet. I love the effect. Was the sheet dark in color?
    Keep painting!

  2. Thank you so much!! Please do try the acrylic sheet - I use clear. Sometimes I think about mounting a light behind the piece so when I scratch through the surface, the light would come through. If I paint thin, the sheet stays translucent.

    A few tips - if the sheet comes with peel-away protection, watch out for static. We have a cat, so I have to make sure the sheet isn't covered in hair before I start painting. Also, when you put the gesso or paint on it, at first it may not feel like it's going to stay on the sheet. It will, just let it dry thoroughly before painting the next layer or scraping in with marks or writing. Unless of course you want to scratch through to the clear (or whatever color) sheet.

    You can sand the sheet but you'll be releasing all kinds of chemicals when you do so - you'll need to look into the safety hazards of this and take appropriate precautions.

    Let me know if you have any questions - I'll be glad to share info... and would love to see your work when you get some pieces done!

    Lori Anne